November 9, 2016


Dear Ones,

I woke yesterday morning with a still small voice speaking in my mind.

“The work of the church is before you, you are being called to do that work. Go and love.”


When I arrived at church early in the morning, I prepared the sanctuary for people to come for centering prayer. We advertised 4-6:30 pm, people came all day long spending a few minutes, spending a half hour in the sanctuary, people from our congregation, people from our Loving Tree School, colleagues in ministry, strangers, members of our wider community, all people looking for a place of solace, looking for a place of peace. Families from our Preschool thanked me for having the meditative music playing. One person said it feels “other worldly.”


I personally spent the day feeling fragmented by the needs that found their way through our church doors. Members of this congregation grieving for a variety of reasons. Lines of people looking for a coat for their family members, grateful for a warm cup of cider. A family in the process of applying for citizenship seeking compassion and guidance following an abrupt eviction and loss of job. I was humbled by two situations that called upon my “white privilege” to take action on behalf of two women of color. I listened to stories. I blessed people. I gave hugs. I chanted the message I received in the morning. “The work of the church is before you, you are being called to do that work. Go and love.”


Let's keep it simple folks. The prophet Micah 6:8 What does the Lord require of us. “To do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with our God.” And like wise, John 13:34 Jesus commands us to love one another as he has loved us, we must love one another.” The Legacy I want to leave for my grandsons is that we can make a difference by having the courage to stand for love. The legacy I want to leave for our church children is despite differing opinions we can come together to advocate for the oppressed, to house the homeless, to feed the hungry family style, to love our rainbow of children no matter who we are. Folks it's not us and them it is US. We need to rise above fear and be ready to respond to the needs of our neighbors. WE are ready because we are the UNITED Church of Ferndale, United Church of Christ, United Methodist and we do stand for Love.


Have courage to spread the hope that we do see GOD in everyone!


God Bless Us as we care for all of God's people,


Pastor Bobbi