In early spring of 2016 a colleague sent out a note to a local clergy that I belong to, with the following question: “As people of faith, how can we address the violence and injustice in the world around us, so much of which stems from growing fear, hatred, racism, and religious extremism?” How can we work together, as people of faith, to spread the message of love and hope and to offer safe space in our homes and our places of worship? We came together with nearly 30 diverse faith leaders and we began to envision how we could create a grass roots movement to spread a little love. A smaller group of clergy met to create a slogan that could bring people together. After more input from the larger group our slogan was refined and an artist stepped up to help us with our vision by creating a variety of images, we settled on the idea of raised hands with a heart in the center of the hands.

Over the summer months’ banners, bumper stickers, buttons, yard signs and a desire to promote unity in our county took on a life of its own. We made appearances at local parades and we officially launched our campaign on September 11, 2016: “Let Love Be Our Legacy.”

Our hope was and is to change the prevailing narrative of the world around us, reminding people that as people of faith our core value is love. Our dream is to reach across our differences to relate as human beings, finding compassion for others rather than being pulled into a spiral of negativity and division. Our desire is to rise above despair or fear to find hope—because there is hope! We want to share love.

Together, we believe we can foster love in each of our communities. May this message of unity, love, and grace ripple out, to Whatcom County and far beyond. May love be the legacy that we all leave for generations upon generations.

How will you let love be your legacy?

Pastor Bobbi**

Pastor Bobbi and friends standing at the Ferndale Bridge November 4, 2016

Pastor Bobbi and friends standing at the Ferndale Bridge November 4, 2016